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Shunts are being used to expand the measuring range of moving coil meters. By using Manganin as resistor material the voltage drop is kept at a constant rate.

The shunts are fully compliant with DIN 43 703 and DIN EN 60 051. Nominal current ranging from 1 A to 15000 A with a voltage drop of 60 mV or 150 mV are available. As an option the shunts are available with a voltage drop of 100 mV or 300 mV.

Generally the shunts up to 25 A/60 mV or 150 mV come already pre-mounted on insulated sockets.

On request the shunts can also be mounted on insulated sockets up to 800 A/60 mV or 150 mV. The accuracy class is 0.5 % of the nominal value. On special request the accuracy class can be increased to 0.2 % of the nominal value.

DIN 43 703 and DIN EN 60 051 Shunt

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We received fantastic service from Herts Meter. Their products work really well. We purchased the KOMBIALARM Compact for our caravan and we are very happy with our purchase.