Gas Detection & Meter Solutions

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Hertsmeters is your one stop gas detection and meter solutions providers. Specialist suppliers of display instrumentation. HMC offers the latest leading edge technology and design features available today for the instrumentation and process control industries.

Analog Meters

Square switch panel meters compliant with DIN 43700, Edgewise and slim-line meters, Measuring meters with front-mounted, rear-mounted or panel-mounted housings Minature Indicators

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Digital Meters

Fitted meters with 3½-digit digital 7-segment display for measuring AC or DC currents, AC or DC voltage, Temperature measurement with PT 100. Additional measurement inputs on inquiry

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Shunts are being used to expand the measuring range of moving coil meters. By using Manganin as resistor material the voltage drop is kept at a constant rate. Fully compliant with DIN 43 703 and DIN EN 60 051.

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Current Transformers

Current transformers are used to transform a high AC current into (galvanic separation) AC current of 5 A or 1 A. All our current transformers are fully compliant with DIN VDE 0414/1, DIN 42600 and DIN EN 60044/1 Edition 11/2001 as well as VBG 4 (finger contact safety).

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Gas Warning

Single and multi-sensors gas warning systems. Gas warning systems protect lives and health by monitoring the atmosphere inside any enclosed space and triggering an optical and acoustic alarm, as soon as the concentration of the gas that is being monitored exceeds the preset threshold level.

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KombiAlarm Narcotic Gas Alarms

The KOMBIALARM family is a Combined fully automatic LPG and Sleeping gas alarm warning system with specially designed built-in sensor and audio signaling units. All sensors are high quality 5 year life design. The KombiAlarms will detect the smallest concentration of sleeping gas.

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"Customer B"

We purchased the KOMBIALARM Plus from Herts Meter. The product is brilliant and we received a fast and proffessional service from Herts Meter.

"Customer A"

We received fantastic service from Herts Meter. Their products work really well. We purchased the KOMBIALARM Compact for our caravan and we are very happy with our purchase.